RheumTutor.com was developed by Dr. Raj Carmona, rheumatologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON, Canada).  It was launched in May 2012.   Rheumtutor.com was developed in response to the observed and expressed needs of learners at varied stages of medical training.  These include medical students, residents, rheumatology fellows and allied health professionals.

The clinical and radiological images presented on this site are mostly of patients in my practice.  Teaching points are included with each image.  All patients provided written consent to have the photographs taken.

While Rheumtutor was personally funded at its inception in 2012, I am grateful for support received along the way.  Many thanks to the following sponsors, whose kind support has made the ongoing development of Rheumtutor possible.

2016: Amgen, Abbvie, Jannsen

2014: Amgen, Jannsen, Abbvie